Algures no mundo

Histórias daqui.

Leave a comment Isto é uma amostra do que se passa em Singapura. Tudo o que sai da norma, ui, é a loucura.

E eles ficam completamente abananados. Neste caso, nós também!

O Luís mandou um email à nossa landlady a dizer o seguinte:

Dear Alice,

The last monthly payment of rent (June’14) is due soon.

To transfer money from Europe we have both transfer fees and unfavorable exchange rates. Considering that we will need to do the opposite transfer once you return us the deposit (again with the bank fees and unfavourable exchange rates), we would like to ask you if you would consider to rebate 50% of the deposit from the amount due.

We fully understand your concerns as landlandy to ensure that we return your apartment like we received it but since you are aware of how respectful people we are, we decided to appeal to your kindness.

Thank you for the understanding,


E a Alice responde:

Dear Baroso,

As you are from LMB, you know legally the last month rental can not be used to offset rent at any time during tenancy. It is the by law that I can not change.

You are the prestige rental company who operate in Heritage View and I am also a Real Estate Agent who knows CEA watches closely our activity regarding the Real Estate affair, I am sorry to say I can not oblige anything out of ordinary..

In fact, we probably should not have allow assigning of tenants with less than 6 months of tenancy, according to CEA ruling and regulations.

There are some issue of fee due from the tenants in servicing aircons and there is an outstanding access card with the cleaning maid which has not been returned, which we need to take into account when refunding the security deposit. we do not want to complicate further the issue.

We would expect the June’s rent to be in on time by 1st June 2014. Thank you and regards,

Alice Bloodworth

Achámos que ela era louca, claro. Mas afinal descobrimos que LMB (Luís Maria Barroso) também é a empresa concorrente aqui da zona. Foi gargalhada geral.

Ainda assim, depois de tudo esclarecido, tivemos que pagar tudo, e MAI NADA! (Sim, nada sai do risco!). Gente quadrada!



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