Algures no mundo

Friends for far “west”.

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And one day I got this email asking if she could come and visit me.

(How could she not? She was my best friend back in the States. She was the one I used to play soccer with. She was the one with whom I could share music. She had an amazing family and I always felt I was part of it. We went to Las Vegas together. We watched counting crows together. We did an inter rail in Europe together. What else?!).

And so she did. And brought a friend. And we wandered in Lisbon. We wandered in Portugal. I saw Lisbon from a different perspective: a touristic one. We went walking everywhere (we were dead by night). We ate bacalhau and drank green wine (well, not me). We had fun like old times.

I loved it and it felt like we had never been apart. For the 8 years.

This is what I call friendship.DSC_9954 DSC_9928 DSC_9912 DSC_9942 DSC_9920 DSC_9889 DSC_9939


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